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Endowment Summary [W087]
Facilities Debt Outstanding [W093]
Income by Source [W098]
Operating Expenditures by School [W090]
Operating Expenditures Multi-Year Summary [W089]
Properties-Non-Academic [W095]
Spending by Category [W096]
W001 Enrollment (Headcount) 10-Year Summary
W002 Enrollment (Headcount) Full-time, Part-time, and F.T.E.'s
W003 Enrollment (Headcount) 10-Year Summary by School and Program
W004 Enrollment (Headcount) by Yale School by Race and Gender
W005 Enrollment (Headcount) Historical (Figure)
W006 Enrollment (Headcount) Current as % of Total Enrollment (Figure)
W010 Race/Ethnicity, Gender and International Student Enrollment by School
W013 Degrees -- Number of Students by School and Program
W014 Degrees -- BA/BS Degrees Awarded by Major
W015 Degrees -- Honorary Multi-Year Summary
W019 International Enrollment by Yale School (Figure)
W023 Housing University-Wide Summary
W026 First-Year Students by State Origins
W028 First-Year Students by Regions & Secondary School
W030 First-Year Students with Alumni Parents
W031 First-Year Students with Alumni Parents (Figure)
W032 First-Year Students SAT Scores
W033 First-Year Students Admissions Summary
W034 Undergraduate Course Registrations
W035 Registration Trends (Figure)
W041 Graduation Rates
W045 Junior and Senior Majors by Gender
W048 Degrees -- Graduate Masters and Ph.D.'s
W054 University Faculty by Rank, FAS Detail
W055 University Faculty by Rank
W056 Ladder Faculty by Gender
W060 Faculty Salaries (AAUP)
W061 Faculty Salaries at Yale and Peer Schools (AAUP)
W062 Faculty Benefits at Yale and Peer Schools (AAUP)
W082 University-Wide Tuitions
W084 Degrees -- Majors Held by BA/BS Recipients
W085 Financial Aid Percentages by Yale School
W086 Financial Aid Percentages for select Yale Schools (graph)
W106 University Faculty by Race/Ethnicity and Gender
W107 Faculty University Salaries & Benefits (AAUP) by Rank
W122 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Ph.D. Enrollment
W123 Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Master's & DSR Programs
W127 FAS Ladder Faculty Over Time